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Invitation wording helps to set the tone of the day - as well as pass on important details to your guests about who, when, where, and of course why. Samples provided are an outline only, feel free to make it unique to you and your day. Please fill out the areas relevant to your order and submit your form within 2-3 days to keep within the agreed timeframes.

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The Hosts: Who is inviting the guest to the celebration? - 'Together with their parents / families' or 'Mr. & Mrs. XX request the pleasure of your company' The Couple: The names of the Bride and Groom The Details: When: The wedding date, year and ceremony time. Where: Ceremony location, City, Country - 'Saturday, Second of December, Two Thousand and Nineteen at four o'clock in the afternoon Mudbrick Winery, Waiheke Island, New Zealand' The Final Note (optional): Any final information you wish for your guests to know: Dress attire Reception to follow Wedding website details
The reply message: 'Kindly / Please Respond by' 'The favour of your reply is requested by' 'Répondez s'il vous plaît' The Date: The date which their RSVP is required Accept or Decline: 'Accepts with pleasure | Declines with regret' 'Joyfully accepts | Regrets to decline' 'Yes, can't wait | No, we'll celebrate from afar' Final Note (optional): Dietary requirements
Information under one main heading: 'Details' 'Information' 'Festivities' or Information under specific headings: Accommodation, transport, dress attire, gift requests etc. Note: Please consider size of details card when providing content. Larger card may be available upon request.
Supply the address to you wish to use for your RSVP return address or Return address on outer envelope.
Opening line/s: "Save the Date for the wedding of" Where & When: 'Saturday, Second of December, Two Thousand and Eighteen Mudbrick Winery, Waiheke Island' Important information useful to guests prior to receiving invitations: 'For further information, please visit our wedding website: XX' 'Accommodation available via: XX'
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